Wind Energy

LIDAR Measurements

Reliable wind data up to 200m above ground level

We provide:

  • Safe transportation of system
  • Installation by trained personnel
  • Uninterrupted supply by an autonomous hybrid renewable energy system
  • Monitoring and security of the system
  • Processing of measurements with extensive reports
  • Utilization of measurements for correlation with reference mast
  • Correction of measurements in complex terrain using Computed Fluid Dynamics code

Operating Principle of Lidar (otherwise LDA)

The operation of Lidar is based on the phenomenon of Laser beam scattered by natural aerosols and the measurement of Doppler shift in the range between light emitted and reflected beam. The wavelength of laser used in Lidar is in the infrared spectrum and the beam is safe for the eyes (Class I laser).

Advantages of measurement with Lidar:

  • The unit cannot be seen far away from the site under study
  • Assessment of wind shear can be made quickly and economically
  • Reduction of investment risk (especially if previous estimations are based on a lower mast).
  • Rapid conclusions, flexibility and research of wind potential around the reference mast.
  • Measurements accepted by banks and financial institutions

Specific Advantages that offers Lidar unit of our company (ZephIR®)

Due to the special design of Lidar with continuous beam laser and the possibility of change of focal length, it is possible to measure wind speed even from 10m and upwards. Therefore, the measurements of a 10m mast can be utilized as long as it is functional when Lidar measurements campaign is carried out at the site where it is installed.

Technical Characteristics

• Model: ZephIR® of Natural Power

• Continuous beam Laser

• Sampling of 150 points per 3sec per measurement height

• Automatic data filtering (rejection of invalid data due to clouds)

• Scanning in conical angle of 30o