• Protect the environment
  • Generate income

Photovoltaic Systems

Invest with responsibility for the future of the planet, because ...

The orientation to renewable energy sources like solar, along with energy savings, is the only way to prevent climate change, which is now threatening the planet.

Prefer photovoltaics, because ...

solar panels have the following advantages:

  • Zero pollution
  • Silent operation
  • Reliability and long life (exceeding 30 years)
  • Independence from power stations in remote areas
  • Expandable as needed
  • Minimal maintenance

The subsidy program of kilowatt for photovoltaic in roofs

Photovoltaic can be installed on the site or roof of a lawfully existing building. In order to join the P / V system program one must have ownership of the area in which the solar system will be installed, either through purchase or rental agreement, and must provide the relevant documentation. However, there is, as yet no requirement for permission for the works of installation, and the whole licensing process, until the contract is signed off the very last 2 months.

Experience of Istos Renewables

The Company Istos Renewables Ltd has been for five years in the field of RES. In recent years, it has installed more than 150 autonomous meteorological masts, which are powered by photovoltaic panels, gaining extensive experience in autonomous photovoltaic systems. Istos Renewables has installed enough photovoltaic in roofs of Attica, 10kW in Karditsa prefecture and also an autonomous hybrid system with 1.38kW photovoltaic and also with the help of a small wind turbine 300W.

We undertake:

Free inspection on your roof in order to determine the size and location of the solar system.

  • The preparation of the application for PPC and concentration of all technical documents needed.
  • Application submission and follow up of the complete connection process.
  • Presence at autopsy carried out by PPC.
  • The installation of the solar system.
  • Conducting pilot plant control and delivery thereof to the employees of PPC.

For your installation Istos Renewables proposes Greek solar panels, first and foremost for their high quality and superior performance. (There is an additional reason why ... read related article )