Wind Energy

Capitalizing on years of experience and scientific know-how, Istos Renewables can provide everything needed for the development of a large or a small project.

In any phase of development, i.e. from the preliminary citing within the area of interest, the initial wind potential measurements with a 10m or a 20m mast, the wind-measurements certificate, the optimal citing of WTs with CFD code until the licensing and permitting of the project, our company is a valuable partner for any serious investor.

A particularity of wind energy projects is the sensitivity of sustainability towards the energy potential (wind), in contrast to other forms of RES, where the resource (eg solar radiation) is easily predictable. With regard to projects of middle and low wind potential in complex terrain, it is very important to identify the long-term distribution of wind speed at the hub height of the wind turbine. For example, at a project with an average speed of 6m/s (c = 6.69m/s, k = 1.6, where c the scale factor and k the form factor of the distribution Weibull) a variation of 5% in the estimation of the average speed at hub height, means a deviation 10.5% (!) in annual energy production (for a standard 2MW WT model with variable speed). As shown in the diagram , this does not happen in cases of high wind potential, where the same deviation, leads to a deviation of only 6.5% in annual production.
Additionally, the spatial variation of the wind resource is estimated quite difficultly along a large wind farm without additional masts or sophisticated CFD models, especially in complex terrain, where the classical linear codes (MS-Micro, WaSP) are proved to be inadequate.

Taking into account all the aforementioned, our company always follows the rules of Measnet, when a detailed assessment of wind potential of a project is requested. Our services are oriented towards the reduction of uncertainties in assessing the wind resource at the hub height of modern WTs, so that the investor will be able to increase his confidence in the feasibility of the wind farm under development. For this purpose, our company offers the most modern and technologically advanced solutions for precise measurements and accurate assessment of wind potential according to customer requirements:

Wind measurements from our laboratory accredited according to ISO-17025:

  • Mast installation and certification of mast installation in accordance with IEC-61400-12-1.
  • Maintenance and monitoring of installed masts.

Measurements of vertical wind profile (wind shear) with LIDAR from 10m to 200m

Energy Studies using Computational Fluid Dynamics program WindSim ®

Consulting Services