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Wind Energy

Wind Measurements

Istos Renewables conducts wind measurements with high fidelity and reliability. For this purpose, it has organized a laboratory, which is accredited by ESYD according to ISO-17025/2005 and its accreditation field concerns wind speed and wind direction measurements.

However, if required, the laboratory also measures and records other physical quantities that (according to measurement standards and methods) affect wind potential assessment, which is the ultimate goal of wind speed and wind direction measurements.

Moreover, the laboratory carries out measurements of solar radiation , environmental and electrical quantities.

The choice of location for wind speed measurements is made after consultation with the client and follows the latest instructions* of Measnet in the assessment of local wind conditions.

The installation of each mast is carried out in accordance with the requirements of standards IEC-61400-12-1 and is certified by our qualified and experienced staff.

The wind measurement masts are controlled on a daily basis as to the correct operation of instruments. Particular attention is paid to the constant comparison of measurements of the main anemometer with the control anemometer. The comparison is based on the Annex of ISO / IEC 61400-12-1. The laboratory has developed its own software code based on GNU Octave © programming language, so that operation comparison is carried out with repeatability.

Finally, our experienced staff, with the use of suitable software can detect (based on the weather conditions of the area) if there is data that should be discarded (e.g. frozen sensors, damages, interferences from lightning) or if wind speed is just very low due to calm conditions.

As part of the policy of our laboratory concerning quality of measurements and our efforts to ensure that all measurements, whose accuracy can significantly affect the reliability, validity and reliability of test results, our laboratory calibrates all equipment used, following a specified procedure.

With all the above, the reliability of measurements is ensured and the proper operation of wind measurement masts is substantiated.

Additionally, Istos Renewables can undertake all services related to wind measurements as:

* MEASNET PROCEDURE: Evaluation of Site Specific Wind Conditions. Version 1, November 2009