Company Profile

Istos Renewables was founded in 2006 by young people who have been working for years in the field of Renewable Energy. Its legal form is Limited Liability Company.

Our main objective is to conduct certified wind potential measurements, study and assess wind potential with specialized software (WindSim), as well as to carry out measurements and evaluate the potential of other sources of renewable energy.

We operate all over Greece, and also all over the eastern Mediterranean, having installed over 150 wind masts from 10m up to 80m and with supervision of 80 stations on average.

We provide the necessary equipment for environmental and wind potential measurements. Particular emphasis has been laid on the development of new products with high standards. Thus, all wind masts (tubular and lattice) have been developed and manufactured by our company.

As for measuring equipment, we have developed a PT-100 temperature sensor with sunshade, whose performance is equivalent to that of similar sensors of well-known brands.

Following the latest technological developments, we have acquired a LIDAR device for wind potential measurements and verification of vertical wind profile.

In line with the latest developments in the field of photovoltaic systems, Istos Renewables takes advantage of its expertise so as to undertake the implementation of turn-key PV systems.