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Wind Energy

Consultancy Services

Project appraisal – technical due diligence

Istos Renewables can undertake extensive technical investigation (Due Diligence) of RES projects.

The evaluation may be assigned by the investor or financial institutions in any stage of maturity of the project. Among the issues examined and evaluated are the completeness of the licensing process, the technical specifications, the planning, the budget-costing and the construction of the project under the specified plan.

When it comes to projects that are already operational, data of energy (and economic) performance are collected, analyzed and compared with the results of feasibility studies before the operation; in order to identify any discrepancies and in order to assess the causes of variation and to investigate whether there are additional risk factors.

Finally, mention is made of the functional status of the equipment of the project.

Additional for wind farms the investigation may include the following:

  • Evaluation of citing (examination of wind turbine positioning in accordance with IEC-61400-1 standard, the specific land use framework and other environmental factors)
  • Wind energy potential assessment (investigation and verification of wind potential by installing high masts or by using LIDAR, always following the rules of MEASNET)
  • Evaluation of financial details and project’s budget
  • Sensitivity study of uncertainty factors.

Licensing procedures

Preparation and submission of application documents for the granting of necessary licenses:

  • Production License Folder and compatibility issue with the specific land use framework
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Application Folder for the Offer of Interconnection Terms of HTSO (DESMIE).

We undertake the contact with the relevant state departments for the acquisition of necessary approvals.

Our company owns a professional engineer license of category 27 for the preparation of the required environmental studies.